When Xia Jian got off the car, he saw Donna standing at the door of the villa’s living room。She wore a cream-colored nightgown,The soft silk fabric clings to her attractive body with bumps,It’s a bit coveted from a distance。

Xia Jian while walking,Laughed:“Mr.http://www.dnscname.cn Tang!Did i disturb you to sleep?But it’s past 11 o’clock,I don’t know if you are taking a nap or sleeping?”
Xia Jian rushed over like a meteor。Wait until approached,He realized that Donna’s figure is more magical,Round and silky body lines,Seeing Xia Jian almost gaffe。
“Damn!Don’t watch,People are sick at home,If not for you,I’m too lazy to get up“Donna said,So let Xia Jian into the living room。
According to Donna,Xia Jian discovered,Donna who hasn’t applied powder is indeed sickly。Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“What are you sick?Is it lovesickness?!“
“Really lovesick,But you are here,I’m getting better from this disease“Donna talking and laughing,He called Xia http://www.fuzuweb.cnJian to sit down。
Xia Jian is also welcome,Do it yourself,I made two cups of tea and brought it over。Wang Yihua’s home, Xia Jian, has been here many times,So he is really unfamiliar with her home furnishings。
Xia Jian pushed the brewed tea to Donna:“what happened,Looks like you have a cold?“
Donna coughed twice like a conditioned reflex:“You really are god,I can tell at a glance what disease I have。But my cold seems a bit special“
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