Heaven:“Miss Yan,Two less rooms in the third floor。”

子 抿 抿 抿,Nodded,Say“Thank you”Afterward,Pull up the daughter。
Before she had been to a Lu Yuliu’s room.,No one is at home that day.。
In the room of Lu Yuliran,Lu Qiran lying quietly,Brow,Painful frowning,One face is full of sweat。
He has no cover,Light blue pajamas,The tall figure is also very fragile at this moment.。
“Lu Lanran,Lu Lanran,can you hear me?”
The scorpion is light, and there is a few times of Lu Lu.,He doesn’t have much reaction。
Lu Yuli is fascinating in a confusion, it seems to hear the voice of the scorpion.,He hurts the life, I want to see it.,I want to say something to her.,However, there is no strength to open your eyes.。
His voice dry Barba,Sick,With a lot of grievances。
子 Shu touched his forehead,Be very hot,One-hand sweat,I heard him said something,I also looked at him because of fever and red face,The tip is more spread with the pain of densely numbness.。
“Do so?”
She can’t help but ask。
“Sorry,swallow,I shouldn’t be so rude to you that night.,I don’t want to,But I don’t even know what I am doing.,In you,in my heart,It is a gratitude arrangement for fate.。”
Lu Yuli, although it is fascinating,But it’s all his truth.,He really heard the voice of the scorpion.,He is eager to get her forgiveness。
子 知道 知道 He refers to the night of the hotel at the hotel.,This bastard,How can I get a long time?。
“swallow,Don’t leave me,Good?”
Lu Yuli whispering。
The scorpion sitting on the side is clearly understood.。
子 的 心 了,Keep watching the door,Wu’s house has contacted a doctor,Why can’t you come??
This person is confused.,Now I have all, I’m all in my heart.。
Kiki also said with her,Her brother is only sick,Sleeping。
Also waiting for about ten minutes,A young man fell in a http://www.yoogong.cn medical box.。
“Make a doctor,You are giving,Down last night,I will sick this morning.。”
Wu’s house is also anxious,I was still good last night.,How do you catch a cold for a night??
This young man is lacking exercise。
Xu doctor nodded,I saw a blindfold.,子 点 头 头 招,Retreat one side。
A doctor carefully gave Lu Yuli to check,Ten minutes later,Only:“Because it is too tired,Eat something on the fire,Catch a cold,The blood circulation of the upper respiratory tract mucosa is not smooth,Ischemia、Hypoxia,Dizzy、Headache、Symptoms that cause special sleepy。”
Du Sin who followed in the back saw the scorpion,Say:“Make a doctor,Two less than two months didn’t sleep well.。”
Make a doctor:“Also have a relationship with his emotions,He seems to have been fascinated by swallows,Who is the swallow??”
Blindness:“……”Du Xin http://www.owanbao.cn blinked,Look at the scorpion:“Miss Yan,Since you leave the river,The second is always living in their own,Rest at night is not good at night,I have to play the play during the day.,This is ill。”
Du Xin grabs the opportunity to sell Lu Yuli。
子 默 默 的 眼,How do you say that Lu Yuli is ill, like her?。
子 低 头 头 不 说,Yan Book, but gently pulled the mother’s hand.:“Mom,Don’t go to the company today.?
Dad needs you。”
子 低 头头,Looking at her daughter’s watery, looking at her,If you don’t agree,She is a proper and bad silver.。
“Me……”“Swallow,Swallow……”Lu Yuli didn’t know what stimulus,I have been calling Zi Shu。
at this time,A doctor has already gave him a little bit.。
Lift,He looked at the scorpion,“Miss Yan,The second less situation is not good,It seems that the two old heart is Miss Yan.。”
子 脸 is very bad,How is this smelling man’s suffer??