“Before it is Xiaoshu,《Slighted sword》Also stop,The palm of the palm is,All martial arts understand,There is《Dragon is like》,Pouring pouring。”Co-minded greed,Double eyes flash red。

This《Dragon is like》智 智 未 未 修,But as a tartary,King, which is imitated with gold wheel,摩 智 naturally can also get this effort。
He before, when he took the initiative,Chu Deirers also quietly,Mention this《Dragon is like》。
“Hey,Ming Wang, there is no knowledge,The palm of the palm is my seniors from Buddha.‘a’Intimate understanding,This is to understand,Convinced,I haven’t mastered the extent to which people who can teach them.。”Chu Deirers said that I have prepared the reason.。
In fact, if it is not your own consciousness、Can condense“Wushu badge”if,That Chu Deirers said that it is not lie.!
智 智 智 楚 不 不 谎 谎,And this is also very conforming to the wisdom“Zen common sense”,Although not a letter,But also changed:“Where is it?”
“I turned it on time and pulled it.,What is nothing left now?。”Chu Deirers don’t want to add fethers to Emei,So didn’t inform the Cognac specific location。
“Hey-hey,Chu League is a good law。”摩 智 智 智 声,Baoyou solemn temperament is a bit broken,The face is also faintly awkward。
Chu Deirers alert alert,But very fast, Coggy-eyed red light、The darkness on the face,Restored the play of Gao Yan。
“Xiaoxiao’s Xixia Emperor Taibu《Unhappy》,After that, I have always sent a martial arts.,I don’t know if I want to communicate with Xiaoxuan.?”摩智合。
智 智《Unhappy》Origin,Poor is different from the new revision。
At this point he specially called“Chu”,Alert to Chu Deirers,Don’t be stupid……
“Something,These processes、There is this《Eight wild six only, I am unique》,Ming Wang is happy,Can discuss with me。”Chu Deirers said,I have taken a few blue skin secrets.。
《Blunder》Don’t think,It is estimated that Li Qiushui will not mention him.,Until《Northern God》,Chu Deirers also hide one hand。
In fact, there is also prepared,If Dove Cognac wants to want,Not not……
Just the original, Mo Zhen is coincidental,Duan Yu used《Northern God》Go to martial arts,This is a lot of great achievements,So this is a promising“awake”智 智 功,Chu Deirers are not willing to give him。
Otherwise, it is likely that he will be more powerful.!
It’s not that Chu Deirers must want to save him.,only……Now I’m smart, although I am a bit crazy.,But the martial arts is afraid that it is no longer on the golden wheel.,I don’t have the opportunity you want to kill him.,I naturally hope he can“get well”。
智 智 智 智 智 智 智 智《Northern God》,May Li Qiushui also didn’t say too much with him.。
“Sign in brother night to explore the little night,《Easy》Also lost,Besides……Rivers and lake rumors,Chu League is the secret of the 18 muds?”
摩 智 智 暗 暗。
However, the Chu Deiren has a deep face.:“Ming Wang highly watching Mi Zhiwu。”
“Amitabha。”智 口 佛号,As if the Zen gorge is the same,Not talk。
Chu Deirers also didn’t speak again。
In fact, the Chu Dee people don’t want to give another Martial Arts.,Otherwise, who knows what happens?。
And Chu Deirers suspect,I directly agreed.,智 智 有 有 有 有 有 有……
After a while,摩 智 忽 开 道:“Chu Lee is not willing to teach,But if Xiaoshao follows Chu Lee,Time to teach……That set of palm。”
Chu Deiren heard the words immediately refused:“Real-alliance own emphasis,Inconvenience with Ming Wang!”
Hall with this guy,Not too dangerous!
Chu Deiren hesitated and said:“pick one of two!”
This is the bottom line of Chu Deirers——《Easy》and《Luohan Volunteer》pick one of two。
Sighs after Muo Zhiji:“Amitabha,Martial arts on the 18 mud,Also see Chu League master enlightened。”
Chu Deirers are slightly surprised,Originally he thought,Dove Fuzhi Choose a bigger《Easy》,And the original,智 智 智 智《Easy》,This feels that the impact may not,did not expect……