Because I am afraid of pain,So I have neid it.。

“possible,Say you may not believe,When he played you,Guaranteed your Xiaolan sister could not divide true and false。”
“hehe,I don’t……I see,I don’t know if I believe?!”
Good guys don’t eat your eyes,Conan decided to transfer the topic,By way of intelligence:“correct,Wen Jiege,There is also a beautiful big sister,Why you will be in the museum,Come and see Kidd’s performance magic??”
“The front image is very artistic value,Beautiful big sister decided to collect,So the price of Suzuki consultants,The price has been talked about,But Suzuki Consultant’s insiscins to catch the official transaction of Kidd,So let’s take a look.。”I have a tear of my tears to touch the helmet wearing the south.,Laugh and explain。
“I have spent a lot of money.?”Conan is so proudly。
“Okay,Tenship billion yen,What is the beautiful big sister?。”Liao Wenjie does not think。
do not know,I really don’t understand,Why is the big sister gentle、Pretty、good body shape、Temperament,But I found a color ghost that likes to bully children.?
Is it the same awareness of Miss Qian?,As long as you are handsome?
“Hey,Are you talking about my bad words in my heart??”
Liao Wenjie holds the helmet of Conan,Press him some head,People and after the anger,It’s a punch.。
“I knew it,You said that I am bad in my heart.。”
Conan snorked loose helmet card,For thinking to find Ai Shi, do a child special helmet,He polite and tears waved goodbye,Escape to Mao Lilan to hug。
Not,Too much pain,Don’t hold it, you will die.。
“Be too shameful.,When is this kind of bullying a child??”Come and tears,Recalling the grievances of Corini,There is a kind of sinfulness as the party。
Besides,If Liao Wenjie keeps this unscrupulous habit,Their child is not unlucky。
“Be misunderstood,I have never bullied children.。”
Liao Wenjie is talking,Listening to the shout of Suzuki Garden,I saw that she brought a young man to come over.。
Youth,Plain black suit,Wear a black frame glasses,SSSV,I will find it carefully.,Is a low-key handsome guy。
Take carefully,Young people are wearing a suit,Black school uniform。
“this person……”
Liao Wenjie,Blood gas is full,Is a powerful warrant,Not ordinary people。
“Wen Jiege,Tell you about it,This is a brother, Lin Bin,Like you is Hong Kong Island!”
Suzuki is unhappy:“Because of the big things,Father specializes in calling Azhen,I want him to come back to help,As a result, this bastard is too busy.,Then I recommended the master of the Tour of the Elim Center of Tokyo Elite Center.,what the hell,Such a perfunctive guy,Which day, my heart, my heart, I am smashed him.。”
Finish,Suzuki is not appropriate,Flexible:“Master, you don’t misunderstand,I am not saying that you are not good.,But in complaint,Boyfriend,His attitude is really impulsive。”
“Not,I don’t mind,Also agree with you,Ashi is very dead,No girlfriend is the result of him。”
Lin Bin has no expression.,Polite Dynasty Liao Wenjie:“Hello,Mr. Liao,人 空手 道 水 水 林 林斌,I listen to Azhen mention you.,He said that you are a strong amazing martial arts genius.。”
“Beijing is still so sincere,Don’t turn around talk,Live him no girlfriend。”
Liao Wenjie reaches your hand and Lin Bin,Feel the gradual strengthening force,Slight:“Abin,Are people in the Chinese,No need to say neon language in front of me,Felt。”
“Mr. Liao said,I will introduce it to myself.。”
Lin Bin replaced into Chinese,Self-introduction again,Constantly strengthening grip,See that Liao Wenjie is often not moving,I can’t help but frown。