“Nothing!Or wait for me here?I will be fine,Don’t worry”Xia Jian said,Gently patted Ali on the shoulder。

Ali hesitated and said:“I go upstairs with you,If they dare to touch your hair,Grandma, I will never spare them”
that’s it,Xia Jian pulls Ali,Follow this young guy to the third floor。One on the third floor,This young guy took the initiative to give the phone to Ali。
“Phone now for you,But don’t bother。We installed a shielding device on the third floor,All calls cannot be made or received”The boy said,Smiled smugly。
Ali glanced at Xia Jian,Said coldly:“Grandma, I don’t want to fight anymore,Said as if we were afraid of you”
“it is good!this way please”Young guy laughing,Take Xia Jian and Ali and turn left and walk straight inside。Xia Jian feels this channel seems to be quite long,Walked for a few minutes。
At the end,The young guy suddenly stopped。Bowed his head and shouted into a closed door:“boss!People are coming”
The door opened with a clatter,A man in black reached out and gave Xia Jian a please gesture:“Mr. Xia please!”
A sense of mystery suddenly came to my heart。Xia Jian felt a trace of fear,It seems he is in trouble again tonight。Ali seems to know who these people are?But it seems a little late to ask。
Since it’s here,Even Huo Kang has to jump in and take a look。He Xia Jian hasn’t the habit of running away。What’s more, I can’t run now,Because on both sides of the channel,Have been guarded by the few people just now。
No time to think about these,Xia Jian lifted his foot and walked inside,Ali grabbed his arm tightly,Followed in from behind。
What a big house,Dim light inside,Seems to have done this deliberately。Behind a boss table,Sitting alone。This person seems to have his back to Xia Jian。
And on both sides of this table,Two rows of men in black clothes stood separately。Because the light in the house is too dark,Xia Jian can only see clearly,These people have short hair close to the scalp。Eight in total,Everyone is full of energy。
“Xie Kun!Don’t pretend to be a fool”Ali suddenly yelled。
Xia Jian guessed right,Sure enough, Ali knows this person,Or she could yell like this。Ali shouted,Who is sitting with his back turned around,Then he laughed:“You ghost girl,Not fun at all”