Wu Yu looks at Mida behind him,Mida shook his head slowly,A little pale,I don’t feel good in my heart,I can’t help you in this place!

“Sorry captain,I。。。”
Wu Yu patted Mida on the shoulder, relieved:“Don’t care,just do your best!”
Mida nodded。
“Let’s not drag on,Why don’t we fight each other,How about entering the third round early?”
“OK,Haven’t beaten you for a long time,Let me try if you have improved recently!”
Wu Yu and Lin Hen waved,The people behind back off。
“come on!”
Wu Yu and Lin Hen collided directly,They are all soil attributes,Fighting is never fancy,Just carry a hard hit!
The dull sound spread throughout the game platform,The surrounding land is trembling slightly。
“Combat skills-Earth Rock Arm!”
“Combat skills-Broken Stone Fist!”
Two fists collided,The ground under your feet cracks every inch,Energy madly spilled。
“hateful,I can’t hold my arm!”
Wu Yu shook his arm,The right arm can’t bear such a collision。
“carry on!”
The bigger the forest mark, the more excited,Continue to fist to meet,Wu Yu had to bite the bullet。