This word of Tao Wan is, let Xu Lai Fu is not happy.。

“Old things,Some of you said this is a bit.,What’s more, Xiao Li is also our village.,Since it is our village, there is some of my credit.。”
Li Hui Hui is also a hurry at this time.:“Yup,Peach uncle,I can have today’s achievements can be all the village guginds help me.,If there is no village head to help me,I am still a poor student.,啥 nor。”
This word is open,Xu Lai Fu listened to it very well。
At the same time, my face is also a very proud smile.。
“Old things,I have heard it.?
I can not force this little Li.,But people actively recognize,How is you??
Finally, I am not coming to me.?”
Looking at the two village director,Li Hui Feng and Pembao also hurriedly。
“dad,Today, our work is still doing it.?”
“uncle,Nothing,Then I will go back first.。”
Seeing Li Hui Feng to walk away,Peach is also huddled。
“Xiao Li,Don’t go first,Our matter has not been finished, how do you go??”
When I said this,The peach roll was originally a stinky face with Xu Bifu,Instant is also a smile,Very kind。
This shifting speed doesn’t say that Li Hui Feng,As soon as I looked around。
Only Xu Laifu seems to have not blamed,Directly found a chair on the side of the chair。
“Forehead,uncle,I don’t know what you are looking for.,You can talk about not?
If I can help it sure。”
“Hey-hey,You must help,It is our peach blossom village too.,You see it?”
Peach is not hidden at all.,If you have any words, I will say it.。
Li Hui has always thought that the peach volume reading,Speak, you will euphemish,But this is going straight,He has some doubts that each other is not a reading.。
“uncle,This is certain.,However, I don’t know if you have the case of your village.,First of all, this greenhouse is very expensive.,We also understand this income here.,Now in August,I haven’t been a few months.,If you are engaged in greenhouses,It is necessary to do a good job in vegetables and fruits.,And our acquisition is mainly green without pollution,Pollution-free vegetables,Otherwise, the vegetables of each family will not sell so expensive.。”
Tao Wan volume is also inquiring a lot of things.,Li Hui said that he has also considered it.,These are not difficult for him.。
“Xiao Li,I can accept this you said.,Ensure that they will not let them use pesticides,Need to use composite fertilizer。”
Seeing Tao Wan Volume, a positive guarantee,Li Hui suddenly felt that this was different from the peach roll he saw.。
The last time he found someone to work,The one seeing is a fake。
“Hey-hey,Just these can’t,You want to sell vegetables when you come,So get the acquisition of our village,We will have specialized inspections here.,Testing there is no pesticide residue,Detect vegetable nutritional value,Then pricing,The higher the nutritional value,So the price is more expensive,The same thing, if the nutritional value is like ordinary vegetables, it is only a little more expensive than ordinary vegetables.,I have to say hello to you soon.。”
“No problem,And you will also help help,No big problem。”
Tao Wanju is coming today to make Li Hui’s guarantee,Just now Li Hui does not seem to mention,He is also slowly guided。
“Since these are no problems,Then there is no big problem.,Grandpa is doing it。”
“Forehead,Xiao Li,I heard that the vegetable green sheds in your village is a contract with you.?
Then, do you see if you sign a contract??”
Tao Wan’s rolls let Li Hui also a glimpse。
“Do you mean that you also want to sell vegetables to me??”
“Hey-hey,Yup,Otherwise, what is the purpose of today??
We are not awkward.,I can’t sell it alone.,If you can do it, we will dare to let go.。”
Li Hui Feng hesitated,Then I quickly made a decision.,road:“become,Then I will get the contract,Uncle, you will also go to the people of your village.,Since selling it to me,The price I gave is also a very real price.,But once the contract is signed, if you sell it to others,It is a default,At that time, it is necessary to pay ten times.,But don’t sign your contract, you can sell it to others.,This must be understood。”
“Because our village is also signed such a contract。”