Instead of sitting。

Rulers want to gain a foothold,Naturally cannot do without the support of major forces。
“Since Zhumen has agreed that this competition will be placed in the power competition,The power of Lichuan Xindi,It depends on the final result of this competition。”Beside the emperor,A woman wearing a colorful crown said。
This woman is the princess,Dealing with legal matters。
The king closed his eyes and rested,I don’t seem to hear everyone’s discussion,I probably don’t have any interest in this kind of thing at all。
“Say,Rui Guo Shousuke,A little lichuan,You haven’t won the rule until now,It’s so ridiculous。”A dynasty general said with a smile。
Rui Guo Shoufu has a black face,Not say a word。
Rule,Nothing more than war trampled。
Wipe out all armed forces in the area,Or expel all,Let them govern,Have them to make the law,Let them collect taxes。
Rui Guo these days,Keep attacking,But the population of Sichuan is not small,The armed forces are far greater than imagined。
Especially east of Changxia,The four cities headed by Zulong City,The army is determined,United and difficult to disperse。
I feel that if there are no small forces in it,,They have no hope of attacking any city east of Chuanchang Gorge。
“Everyone knows something,East of Changxia,For a country,Ruled by a powerful mortal named Li Yunzi,Her own strength is extremely outstanding,And the military guards under his hand are well equipped,Brave and fierce,Our army needs to travel long distances,I’m tired and marching,Not to mention that Changxia has strong military bases、fortress……Lichuan Dadi,It’s not more barren than our sharp country,I even heard of the rich veins of Wutu,Provide a large amount of military equipment……”The first assistant of Rui Guo said。