First1485chapter Rare disease

Due to prior arrangement,So when Xiao Chenchen’s ambulance arrives,Was immediately sent to the intensive care unit。
Director Tong is a heavyweight doctor in the Provincial Children’s Hospital,I heard that you have to line up one or two days in advance if you want to hang up his expert number。Fortunately, with Qin Xiaomin’s help,Morning morning,Director Tong went into battle immediately。
Xia Jian didn’t know how he lived all morning。He suddenly had a strange idea,Is this little Chenchen really his biological son??if not,Then why is he so concerned?
Sitting in the long line in the intensive care unit,Xia Jian looked at the white wall with hollow eyes。He was confused,What if Xiao Chenchen can’t save him??
Zhao Hong took her old mother Sun Yuejuan to dinner,I’ll leave it to Xia Jian for now。Qin Xiaomin said he didn’t want to go back to rest,She said she would stay with Xia Jian。
Various inspections are constantly being done,But I can’t find out what illness Xiao Chenchen had。The conclusion drawn by Pingdu First People’s Hospital has been overturned,Fever caused by enteritis is not established at all。
At three o’clock in the afternoon,Director Tong called Xia Jian and Qin Xiaomin to his office,This middle-aged man, who is only in his forties, took a breath and said:“The child’s condition was finally found,Is mobile blood cancer”
Xia Jianyi heard the word cancer,Shocked,His face changed accordingly。Qin Xiaomin subconsciously supported Xia Jian,Actually Xia Jian is not so vulnerable。
“Don’t be nervous,Although the child’s disease is very rare,But once confirmed,Find out the specific location,Undergo surgical resection,There will be no more problems”Director Tong said with a serious face。
Director Jingtong said,Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a breath:“Director Tong,Xiao Chenchen will leave it to you,Please take care”
“Rest assured,Go back and prepare,Surgery immediately”Director Tong said very firmly。
Come out of Director Tong’s office,Xia Jian said to Qin Xiaomin with a heavy heart:“Tell my mom later,It’s just a small operation,Never mention the word cancer”
Qin Xiaomin nodded and said:“I’m not so stupid,Don’t worry”
Sun Yuejuan heard that Xiao Chenchen would have an operation,I cried immediately:“Grandson is so young,What kind of surgery!What disease did he get?I asked these nurses and doctors,Why don’t they know anything?”