The clock is bright and white,Give Liao Wenji,Let him continue to say,I want to take the experience of my predecessors.。

“That taoist……Such so……This is like this……”
Liao Wenjie talked about the situation of nine uncle,According to the era background,Processing screening,Last summary:“What is the road?,That person told me。Everyone’s Tao is different,Seeking long life,Then ask for rich,Courter,Ask for life, don’t regret。”
“Senior people!”
Zhongfa Bai is encouraged,Low dry silence begins to think about your own way。
Liao Wenjie,Don’t bother him,Started with Lyon Buffle,Topic is very fashionable,War of the near future gambling,Guess this demon wind can still blow。
“Ager,I understand,I want to find my own way in the Red Dustic World.。”
Half,Zhong Zhenbai spirit shakes to make an answer,Willing to join Liao Wenjie company。
“Say,Everyone is a friend,You are sure is the boss,Will not let me work。”
“How to do this,One penny,I can’t take you cheap.,I understand the business.,How much is a share?”
“speak,I picked this grocery shop.,It is not a problem with 20,000 pieces.。”
Liao Wenjie followed the clock:“Lyon in the downtown building,Capital of 18 floors,I am counting twenty-tenth shares.。”
He also thought that Liao Wenjie’s company is in the street.,result,People are people who have a big matter,It’s a layer of building.。
Besides,Heaven,How is this neuropathy so rich??
“Old clock,Don’t be too sad,You bring a technology into the company,The most favorable,If you don’t have money, you will be a percent of your shares.。”
Liao Wenjie comforts a sentence,Clock is a traditional Taoist,Customers are far higher than that of Lyon,And he can’t stand the ghost,Paintor、Seeing Feng Shui is also a good hand,Cooperate,10% earned。
“Ager,A percent of shares,How much is it for a discount??”
Clock, white,He is not very careless to the money,Just want to know what you are,Don’t sell your own sale.。
“So tell you,There is a rich woman wants to mix and one foot,I am going to pay 20 million,Then count for ten percent。”
“Be desperate!”
Clock, white,Before the recovery,He still cares for money.。
Besides,When he is returned,Can you give cash??
Chapter 115 The strange knowledge has increased
Jia Ding Garden,Six,904room。
Clock is white, sitting on the sofa,Take a TV,Zhang Da’s mouth is unable to close,Falling into the question of life。
Not related to TV,That’s too much.,He is just a lonely point,It is not an ancient people crossing from hundreds of years ago.。
The reason why the clock is suspicious,It is because of the close processes of dealing with ghosts.。
first step,Open the toilet cover;Second step,Throw the ball of the plastic film;third step,Press the flush switch。
The ball of the plastic wrap is still,But the girl inside is gone。
“Ancestor,The toilet actually connects to the government……”
Clock blind,seen it myself,Do not do not believe,So the problem is coming.,Why didn’t you listen to Master??
Is Master deliberately,Or Master has no use of toilet,So I don’t know?
It should be that Master doesn’t know.,After all, the other monuments have not mentioned this evil gate channel.。
not good!
Demon,Laptom of evil!
Cannot believe!Can’t think!Be calm!
Clock is white, a sprite awake,Sitting on the sofa,Minding Huang Ting San Ling,Meditation,Death。