Get!All human spirits。

at this time,Don’t forget to advertise your store。Do not say,Really attracted a lot of customers。
Populus and his party,It became the focus,Especially Xu Qing,After all,And sent two experts to the police station。Let’s not talk about her luck and her abilities,It’s pretty cruel anyway。
“Ok?Why didn’t they keep up?”Zhang Qingliang suddenly discovered,The two girls around are gone。
They look back,I saw Fang Ru and Lin Shaofen choosing from a shop behind them。Get!woman,Sure enough, there is no immunity to shiny things。
I saw,They are picking something similar to gems,Mostly light green。
next to,Hanging a paper sign,It says:Fifty yuan。
Helpless,Hu Yang they had to go back。Just now,Just talk to Xu Qing,Not paying attention to your side,So Populus didn’t pay attention to the shops passing by。
“A bit like ice-seeded jade。”Hua Zi couldn’t help commenting。
He has had a lot of jadeites with Brother Hu,So my eyesight has gradually improved。
but,Xu Qing told him:“This is not jade,Prehnite,but,Some people use it as an ice jade。”
Prehnite,Because there are bumps on the stone surface,Shaped like a grape named after。The color of prehnite is dark green、Yellow-green to colorless,Even high-quality prehnite will produce a jade-like glass“Fluorescence”,very nice,Very ornamental。
The color of prehnite is mainly green,The yellow prehnite is relatively rare,And yellow usually has a gray tone,The bright golden color that people like is extremely rare,Very collectible。
In recent years, there has been a whirlwind of investment in colored gemstones in the market,And the beauty and strangeness of prehnite itself is also one of the reasons why prehnite becomes the object of pursuit。