“Ok!Just spell it five!”Li Xiang’s very enthusiastic encouragement。

A Bao holds Li Xiang’s hand,Seeing the expectation enthusiasm in her eyes,Can’t help but feel,They are so suitable,Facing difficulties, the ideas are so consistent。
If it’s a rose,I definitely won’t agree。
“With your support,I have a hunch,Sure to turn over!”Leopard took a puff of smoke,Full of confidence,At the end:“Go to the red hair gambling stall!”
Li Xiang was slightly startled,That’s not right!How can she make money in that way??
So I asked:“The red-haired gambling stalls are all open?”
“Yes,When I had a drink last night, the redhead said it just opened,The money that Wang Shuai invested before。”Leopard took a cigarette,Full of confidence。
Li Xiang thought about it:“That’s not good?We win,Isn’t that red hair miserable??Stud five-game winning streak,From 20,000 to 640,000!”
“There are so many?”A Bao is slightly startled,He just casually said a five-strand stud,Never counted how much money,I feel inappropriate at this time,The red-haired gambling stall just opened,How can he lose so much money?Just say:“Then we can win four studs。”
“Ok!Yes!Don’t be too greedy,Three hundred and two hundred thousand is enough!”Li Xiang nodded repeatedly,Then suddenly I remembered saying that:“I heard someone say a place,It’s been a long time,Definitely can afford to lose,A friend has won over 1 million there,Still holding money。”
“go!”A Bao has cash,Decided to fight。
Li Xiang is very depressed,If she knew Abao still had cash in the house,Just stole,Why go to the casino?
Went to the place,A Bao is disappointed,He thought it was a big place,It turned out to be a three-bedroom and two-living house,Just a few tables inside。
This kind of place,Can win or lose more than a million and take away?
But it’s all here,Abao took a look,I still listened to Li Xiang,Decide whether to bet。