But this guy doesn’t want to go back to the old life,The magic energy on the magic knife has already made this guy’s sword spirit start to boil,Two tigers fighting,There must be a wound,These two guys hit each other,no doubt,Will surely spell out a victory!

“come on,let me see,How strong are you guys!”
Xia Chenglong began to push the Xuantian sword in his hand with all his strength,Can you beat this guy?,At this time, it all depends on the powerful power of the Xuantian Sword.!
The old man Huomu let out a roar like a beast,Rushed in the direction of Xia Chenglong,Actually this guy is no longer an old man Huomu,Has become a puppet of the magic knife,At this time, Xia Chenglong is not facing the real old man Huomu,But the spirit of the magic knife!
“Break me!”
Xia Chenglong roared,The Xuantian sword in his hand burst out with brilliant light,Almost conceal the brilliance of the entire sun!
Such a powerful force,I’m afraid there is no rival in the gods.,But in the face of the old man Huomu who has begun to demonize,There seems to be some shortcomings in my own strength!
That guy put the magic knife in his hand sideways,Instant time,The endless grievances keep roaring,These guys are struggling to leave that side of Shura-like world,But these guys are helpless,All were sucked into the magic knife in the hands of Old Man Huomu by a powerful suction force.!
After this magic knife absorbed the power of these souls,Instantly turned red,It seems that blood has penetrated the blade of the magic knife,Flowing out slowly,Drops of blood fell on the ground,Blossoming red weird flowers!
“Are these the souls of those dead souls??”
Xia Chenglong’s eyes became cold,This kind of thing officially squeezes the last trace of the use value of those dead souls directly!
In fact, when you ask the gods, you can already see some of the things that are contrary to common sense in the natural world.,Soul in a sense,Does exist,But actually after death,These souls will gradually break away from the relationship with the body,Gradually become a kind of energy and become a part of the world。
This powerful force does exist,And there is indeed a disconnected relationship with someone,So treat it as a kind of entrustment in time,There is no problem,So this guy imprisoned his soul in the magic knife,And treat these soul powers as their own consumables,this way,Is tantamount to destroying these lives directly!