He can’t let the two kids repeat the same mistakes,Judging from their disaster,Two people are destined not to be together。But Chairman Xia knows Xiao Fan’s strength。

When he was only a teenager when he was young,I know his strength is different from ordinary people,It should have broken through the highest realm of martial arts。
So Chairman Xia guessed that Xiao Fan knew about this,And he already knew that Xiao Fan wasacountry,Have a family,Start a family,I’m having a good time now,Have my own relatives and friends。
So he’s betting Xiao Fan won’t provoke Xia Qiange again,The two will leave it alone,In fact, he knew that Xiao Fan was a reasonable person,If it weren’t for these two children, there would be so much disaster。
He couldn’t bear to watch them suffer,Otherwise, I won’t make a bad move,Sealed the memory of my daughter,So that she hasn’t met someone she loves for so many years。
Chairman Xia was right,Xiao Fan really remembered all this,But he didn’t go any further,But let the two of you leave it alone,From then on you walk your Yangguan Road,I cross my log bridge,Our past has since been cleared。
Maybe it’s already zero in Xia Qiange’s place,And here in Xiao Fan,He changed back again,But Xiao Fan suppressed his inner feelings。
The past can only be the past,Once can only be once,And the relationship between them is just the original,Everyone is changing now,Everyone’s life is also changing。
Xiao Fan sent someone to silently guard Xia Qiange,And you will slowly find that there will be someone next to Xia Qiange who can take care of her,Someone who can take good care of her,Xiao Fan will wait for that day。
But before this he has an obligation,Also to repay the life-saving grace that year,So he must send someone to protect Xia Qiange’s safety,This is what he should do,It’s the last love he can do。
From now on, the two of them will be goodbye。Xia Qiange didn’t know the twists and turns,She won’t know,Never know,Only one relationship ever existed in her heart。
However, this relationship is destined to be buried only by reality,She won’t remember Xiao Fan,Won’t appear in his life again,Unless Xiao Fan came to her wedding with a smile one day。
But Xiao Fan would smile and watch her put on her wedding dress from a distance,Watching her walk towards the happiest palace,Then the two looked at each other and smiled,Go with the wind。
Even Xia Qiange never knows who Xiao Fan is,Why did it ever appear in her life,But Xia Qiange will silently put Xiao Fan in her heart。
Tell yourself that this person must have appeared in your life,And occupies an extremely important position。This is how I understand it,Both are very melancholy。
Perhaps the most melancholy is Xia Qiange,Xia Qiange is now in the dark,Don’t know why,I don’t know why I feel this way。
But soon Xia Qiange will usher in her own happiness,Her unique happiness,Will not be buried again,Happiness that will never be covered up。
If she remembers Xiao Fan at that time,I don’t know if she will run to Xiao Fan without hesitation,Tell the past of two people,But everyone knows that this story has been turned over。