“Not get in the way,Let’s go directly to the deep area of Wanjianzong,I believe there is still a chance to wait to meet。”

Chapter VIII Jianyuan Demon Killing
Xia Chenglong will naturally not look back,No matter what choice the other party makes,He will jump into this abyss。
Holding back bleeding,The body suddenly leaped forward and disappeared to the ground。
This is a brand new environment,After entering Jian Yuan, he fell into a short spiritual emptiness,So the fall at this moment is completely uncontrolled free fall。
He doesn’t believe that this abyss can end all at once,If that happens, it will naturally fall to the ground,It’s up to the heavens as to whether it breaks into a fractured bone。
It turns out that strong intuition can accomplish great things at a certain time。
This sword abyss is deep,Did not imagine what happened。
Aura is empty for not long,I took the recovery medicine before falling.,Now I have strength in my body。
but……I can’t keep falling like this,Especially if you don’t know what’s below。
Although it is pure darkness here,But I can vaguely feel that the distance is not far from the hanging wall,Stop now。
Endure the pain in the body,Zanglong appeared in his hands,Waving aura to one side,After pushing the body backward,Put Zanglong into the hanging wall fiercely。
The huge impact forces his body to slide down,Zanglong is also going down in the hanging wall,But eventually the speed is getting slower and slower,Hanging firmly on the cantilever。
Leap slightly,Standing on Zang Longjian,Then pay attention to the surrounding environment。