Since the old man is good,Chen Geng doesn’t mind doing the old man a favor,Anyway, look at the current posture,It is unlikely that Honda will abandon the Giugiaro design office.、And work with myself instead,He earnestly mentioned a few things that he should pay attention to when working with Dongying people.。

I’ve never dealt with Dongying’s automakers.、Mr. Giugiaro, who is worrying about how to get the money out of Honda’s wallet,These words of Chen Geng are like treasures,I immediately took it firmly in my heart。
Finished talking,The old man asked Chen Geng casually:“correct,Mr. Fernandez,What are you up to?”
“I?Oh,I am currently working with Ford,Help them design a car。”For my cooperation with Ford,Chen Geng did not hide。
“You are helping Ford to design a new car?”Hear words,The old man Giugiaro was envied immediately,At the same time, I finally understood why Chen Geng was not only not annoyed that he had pried his corner.,Instead, he is still making plans with himself:Lovers have better partners。
When there is meat,Who would eat bread?
He was very curious what kind of cooperation conditions Ford gave,So that Chen Geng simply gave up the cooperation with Honda Technical Research,But hesitated,After all, I’m not embarrassed,The relationship between the two parties has not yet reached that point.。
Chen Geng,He enthusiastically said to the old man Giugiaro:“Old man,Are you interested in playing something challenging?”
“Oh?”Listen to Chen Geng’s words, prepare to play something challenging,Giugiaro’s interest suddenly came:“Tell me,What’s fun?”
“Are you interested in being a supercar flying in the sky??”Know the Ferrari in my garage250GTEven if it’s from the old man Giugiaro on the other end,Chen Geng still admires the old man’s artistic taste very much,He bewitched the old man Giugiaro:“What’s the point of always doing things for running on the ground,Just be a stimulating one。”
“Supercar in the sky?You mean……”Understand what Chen Geng meant,Old man Giugiaro screamed in disbelief:“aircraft?!”
“Ok,”Chen Geng smiled:“Old man,Are you interested?”
Old man Giugiaro’s heart was pounding。
As a top student who graduated from the Turin Academy of Fine Arts, Italy with a history of more than 300 years,His appreciation of beauty and art、Appreciation skills are undoubtedly top-notch,So he designed a series of popular、It can even be called a model that can withstand the test of history,Like Ferrari250GT,Like golf at Wolfsburg、Passat……Even if it’s 80 years old,The old man also likes all beautiful things,Such as beauty;
As a car designer,And he is a world-class car designer who has designed many epoch-making supercars,There is no doubt that old man Giugiaro likes speed,But like Chen Geng said,No matter how fast things are running on the ground,How can it be compared with things in the sky?
Compare with the plane flying in the sky,The car running on the ground is simply scum!
I forcibly endure the clamor in my heart“Promise him quickly!Promise him quickly!”The noise of the little devil,Father Giugiaro asked Chen Geng:“I don’t have any experience in aircraft development……Mr. Fernandez,What kind of plane are you going to build?”
“I want to make a very simple、Very pure airplane,”Chen Geng said:“This plane is not a plane carrying several passengers in suits and leather shoes for thousands of kilometers、A business jet dedicated to the wealthy and executives of large companies,You can think of her as the one that satisfies all the boys’ wishes when they were young、Although there is no weaponry、But some performance indicators can be close to military jet fighter ultralight civil jet aircraft。
The appearance of this aircraft should be cool enough!It does not necessarily haveF-14‘panda’Variable swept wings like fighter jets,But there must be beautiful、Cool double vertical tail。