“It’s not a car either!There is also a sports car at home,I’m so anxious to buy this villa,It also means to park it。”Populus casually。

Uh!Sports car?
“When did this happen?There are sports cars,What off-road vehicle do you buy?”Zhang Yihua and his wife are surprised,Suddenly feel speechless,Can you be so capricious if you have money?Drive one,Put one?
and,Still a sports car,That stuff is expensive, right?Move millions。
Lao Hu is too low-key,There are sports cars,I never saw him drive。
“Someone else gave it yesterday,What can i do?”
This word,I feel helpless,Zhang Yihua wants to beat someone。Simultaneously,I was also surprised by Hu Yang’s identity,Hidden deep enough,Known for several years,I don’t even know that this product is not only rich,The family must be noble,otherwise,Who will send a sports car to hold your stinky feet?
Zhang Yihua and his wife are already working hard,I feel less and less able to see this brother。
“How is your company?”Populus euphratica changes the subject。
“Already registered,under renovation,Will open soon。”
As long as the funds are in place,Nothing else is difficult,Easy to solve。
“Ok!Row,Tell me then,I’m going to join in。”Hu Yang said。
Subscribe at the end of the month,Ask for monthly pass!
After twelve one,Today is the 29th,Only one day left this month。It’s been on the shelves for a month,Thank you all for your support,Have the current results。When we were on the shelf,Collection of early thirty thousand,I was still very worried at that time。
right now,Let’s announce the subscription status to brothers!On the day of launch,The first order is around 4,000,Three thousand five hundred。Till the end of the month,High order eight thousand,Order five thousand。New Book Monthly Ticket List,We are from the twelfth place,Killed all the way to the sixth place now。