Everyone is even a little strange,It is said that Wu Hao is a ranger from the border,Simple and rude,But see you today,This person is polite,Neither overbearing nor overbearing,Quite a family style,Where is it like a wild boy who doesn’t do business??

By contrast,Liu Wenzhang looks a little slick,It’s not as good as Wu Hao’s sincere treatment!
“Thank you all for visiting,Wu Hao is honored!It’s a pity that I am too crude here,Nothing at all,It’s not good to entertain everyone。I’m better off,How about we go to a pub outside to have a swig?”Lu Menglin’s heart moved,Speak loudly。
He has seen it,Liu Wenzhang brought these black blood cavalry guards to visit,It shouldn’t be from the Sixth Prince or someone else,But their spontaneous actions。
Then,If there is such a group of people in front of you,Will it be able to make Prince Ning’s Mansion dispel some bad thoughts??It is very possible!Lu Menglin thought to himself。
As for the other party will be scrupulous!But this way,This group of unsuspecting junior officers,It is very likely that the plan of the Sixth Prince and the King of Yue was ruined inadvertently。
Lu Menglin turned these thoughts quickly in his mind,But there is no trace on the face,A bold and generous look。
“Wuhao Brothers,You say so!Let’s disturb your peace,How can I still cost you?This wine,It should be me, Liu Wenzhang, to invite everyone to drink!”Liu Wenzhang saw that his brother is getting more and more eye-catching,Already know how to do things,More joy in my heart,Laughed。
“Brother Wu’s house is in space,How about this!Brother Liu treats and drinks,Some of us,Buy some servants and give them to Wuhao brothers,There are also more cleaning at home。”Among the crowd,Deputy Zhang Ji with the highest official position all said with a smile。
“it is good!”
“This is a good idea!”
“Everyone together,Come back to Wudutong for a drink next time!”