The relationship between the two seems very close to outsiders,But in fact it is limited to small hands,Just stick to the cheek。

“Violent organizations are useful at certain times。They are like knives,Just hold it in your own hands,Can both deter the enemy,Also protect yourself。”Kim So Yeon thought for a while,Finally said my opinion。
Lu Menglin enjoys the temperature of the beauty’s cheeks,Smiled:“I know!Maybe in Korea,But here we are,The so-called arena is a game that cannot be played on the table,The people in the system are really good。I don’t want to get involved with them,No harm。”
“understood!Mr. Lu is actually very good!”Kim So Yeon smiled happily。
“but,If you really need this knife,I will also choose Chen Jiannan,After all he is younger,Sharper。only,It’s not hot yet,Wait a minute!”Lu Menglin thoughtfully,Casually。
Jiang Qizhi dare not show up,Tianfeng’s situation is getting worse every day。But Chen Jiannan’s momentum is in full swing,Known as like a comet by the rivers and lakes of the deep city,One of the fastest rising figures。
As Tianfeng’s industry was swallowed by Jinshan,The power of Jinshan Group is also growing,Nothing in the limelight,There are great orders。
Dahao Xu Kaishan,Was also lifted to the sky by people in the world。no way,Who makes people rich and powerful?,Black and white,There is another general like Chen Jiannan under his hand!
recently,Jinshan’s font size is extremely loud,Wherever the troops go,All seem arrogant,Unbeatable。
It happens to be at this time,No one thought,Xu Yan, the only son of Dahao Xu Kaishan,Will suddenly appear at the door of the law classroom of Shenzhen University。
“Lu Menglin,You come out!”Classroom entrance,Xu Yanyang said。
Xu Yan came here alone,He is wearing a hoodie,Cover your head and face with a hat,Wearing a blue mask,Covered his nose and mouth,If it’s not for taking off the mask,Almost no one can recognize him。
Zhu Xiaoguang and the others have all heard about Xu Yan’s failure to pursue Teacher Jin,Seeing this guy come to Lu Menglin’s trouble,Stood up one after another,Glaring at him。
Lu Menglin
Calm,Get up calmly,Smiled:“What’s up?”
“You come out,I’ll leave after talking to you!”Xu Yan put on the mask again,Turn around and leave。
Lu Menglin frowned,Raised his leg and walked outside the classroom。
Zhu Xiaoguang and Zhang Bo quickly followed,They all heard that Xu Yan is the son of the underworld boss,I’m afraid the other party will attack Lu Menglin。
Liu Taosheng only hesitated for a moment,Also gritted his teeth and followed。
Everyone walked out of the classroom,The playground outside is empty,Only Xu Yan alone。